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 >  The forklift truck
Discussion > Talk with your colleagues about it!
  • If materials are in my way, I get the forklift truck myself so I can move them.
  • When I get out of the forklift truck, I always take the ignition key with me.

You are not paying attention for one minute and wham… You forget to honk the horn when making a turn and bam … You are driving towards storage shelves with the forks at eye level and beng …Always be aware of the risks of driving a forklift truck.

Take the ignition key with you when you get out of the forklift truck.
Accident with a forklift truck.
Risks > What can happen?
  • Getting hit or run over
  • Colliding with storage shelves, other objects or vehicles.
  • Risk of tipping
  • Entrapment
  • Getting struck by a falling load
Measures > What must you do?

To prevent the risk of tipping and entrapment:

  • Avoid large height differences, for instance on work floors. Do not drive down from these.
  • Avoid (too) steep inclinations;
  • Never turn around on an incline;
  • Always close off floor openings and cordon them off effectively;
  • Ensure there are no obstacles along the way;

Use safely:

  • Always wear a safety belt in a forklift truck;
  • Do not drive over wet, slippery floors;
  • Prevent third parties from entering the work area where the forklift truck is being used (i.e. cordon off the work area)
  • Do not lift more than the permitted maximum weight;
  • Check if the load is stable and secured against falling / tipping;
  • Always lower the load straight after picking it;
  • Ensure the forks have been locked;
  • Do not let passengers ride along with you;
  • Do not use the forklift truck to lift people, this is strictly forbidden;
  • Forklift operators must have completed a forklift training / instruction;
  • Young persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to operate a forklift. Young persons between the age of 16 and 18 may only operate a forklift under close supervision.
  • The forklift truck must be inspected at least once a year.

Parking the forklift truck:

  • Park it at a safe place;
  • Never park the forklift truck on an incline;
  • Always park the forklift with the forks placed on the ground and no load on it;
  • Always take the ignition key with you when leaving the forklift truck;
  • Put the handbrake on or place wheel clamps.
  • Do not park the forklift truck on emergency routes.

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