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Discussion > Discuss this with your colleagues!

Discuss the following topics with each other:

  1. Statement: ‘I know what the Generic Site Safety Instruction / Generic Port Instruction (GPI) is!’
  2. Statement: ‘I have already completed the Generic Site Safety Instruction.’

Indicate that everyone working at the construction site must have successfully completed the Generic Site Safety Instruction (GPI) prior to 1 April 2019.

What is the Generic Site Safety Instruction?

The GPI is a standard safety instruction that gives you access to all construction sites in the Netherlands. You must complete the Generic Site Safety Instruction once a year and it replaces all general safety instruction at construction sites.

If you have access to the internet and a screen, view the promotional view at this link.

How does this work?
After completing the GPI and successfully finishing the concluding test, the participant receives a certificate that provides him/her with access to constructions sites that require the GPI. This certificate is valid for one year.

Effective 1 April 2019, the GPI is mandatory at all Heijmans construction sites.

Why the GPI?

  • Standard:
    Everyone receives the same safety instructions and consequently there is no ambiguity about the desired safety behaviour.
  • Efficient:
    Once a year. There is no longer a new general instruction for every construction site. Especially useful for subcontractors and suppliers. 

For whom is the GPI mandatory?
In principle the GPI is mandatory for everyone performing any work at a construction site. This applies to all construction sites of participating construction and technical service companies that are associated with the Governance Code for Safety in Construction (GCVB).

Measures > What you must do
  • Anyone performing work at a construction site, must have completed the GPI prior to 1 April 2019.
  • The GSI must be successfully completed every year. 
  • At www.gpi.nu you can purchase a login code (yourself or via your company) and complete the GPI.
  • Note, the GPI is a general safety instruction. Aside from this, at your project site you will also receive specific instruction (and a project video or flyer) about specific risks at the construction site, for example about working in contaminated soil or working at height.
  • Effective from April 2019, gatekeepers will check GPI certificates at the gate prior to granting access to the site. This is done in accordance with the diagram at the bottom of this Toolbox. 


Visit www.gpi.nu to find out everything you need to know about the GSI. Visit gpi.explainsafe.nl/faq for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).