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 >  Integrity & Code of Conduct – impeccable business conduct
Discussion > Discuss this with your colleagues!

Discuss the following topics with each other:

  1. What is integrity in your view?
  2. What does the Heijmans Code of Conduct contain?

At Heijmans we treat each other equally, safely and with respect. We consider it important for you to enjoy going to work, and that you feel safe and comfortable. This is why acting with integrity, taking responsibility and consideration for others and the surrounding environment are indispensable. But sometimes you may be faced with uncomfortable choices.

The Code of Conduct provides guidance and direction for this purpose. Regarding our practices, and regarding good conduct. But also regarding compliance with laws and regulations. The Code of Conduct is not without obligation and applies to everyone who has dealings with Heijmans: the board, our (temporary) colleagues, but also our partners, subcontractors and suppliers.

In the Code of Conduct we agree together that:

  1. We treat others equally and with respect
  2. We work safely or we don't work
  3. We are honest and act with integrity*
  4. We continuously improve, do things smarter and become more sustainable

*According to Heijmans, integrity = doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Discussion > Discuss this with your colleagues!

Present a case. Ask everyone to indicate whether they consider this red, amber or green, and why.

  1. By chance you happen to see on Facebook that a colleague speaks ill of another colleague and accuses him of all kinds of misconduct. Moreover, the post also indicates that all of this is happening at Heijmans. What do you do?
  2. You overheard a couple of colleagues saying to each other that they logged hours that they did not work; they view this as some kind of bonus because they have really worked hard. What do you do?
  3. You have found person X to be really irritating recently. He regularly goes out to smoke a cigarette and always punctually leaves work on time. When you say something about this, you get the following response: ‘Mind your own business... Why don’t you go work for the police force if you want to check on people,’ he yells. What do you do?

If you are interested in discussing additional dilemmas, check out this document: Integriteit & Gedragscode - Toolkit-Zakelijk-Zuiver.pdf - All documents (sharepoint.com)