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  • Just before I start working, I do a last check to review the task I need to carry out, how to do the work and what the risks are.
  • I have never done an LMRA.

The LMRA is a brief risk analysis that you can do in your head. It is not necessary to put anything on paper.

The purpose of an LMRA is for you to do a last check, just before you start working:

  • Which tasks you are to carry out
  • How you are to do the work and what the risks are
  • Finally you determine how you can avoid these risks or solve/eliminate them yourself or have someone else do that for you

For machine operators:

  • When I respond to a call, I make sure my machine is stopped
  • My mirrors/cameras are adjusted properly and I use them
  • When I start driving, I make sure that there are no people in front of/behind the machine
  • I make sure that I know how to move the machine forwards and backwards

The LMRA operates as a traffic light

  • At the start of the LMRA the light is set to yellow, which means caution
  • Next, check to determine what the risks are
  • If there any risks that are impossible to avoid (red light), you are not allowed to start working
  • Once all of the mitigating measures are implemented and the necessary personal protective equipment is available, or if there are no risks, you will be given a green light and you can safely start working
Risks > What can happen?

Assess the risk

  • Do not just start working, but first determine whether there any risks.

Implement mitigating measures

  • Think about what you should do to eliminate the risks and implement these measures.

Start working

  • You now can work safely.
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How should I do this?

  • Do I know exactly what to do and am I indeed able to do it that way?
  • Did I attend a start-of-work briefing that dealt with the risks associated with my work?
  • Do I know exactly what the potential dangers are and how to prevent them?
  • Do I know what I need to safely carry out the work and are these facilities indeed available (e.g. tools, protective equipment)?
  • Are the environment conditions such that I can safely carry out my work?
  • Do I have the proper personal protective equipment?

I only start working once I am certain that I can do so safely.

First think, then act!

  • Ask yourself these questions every moment of every day
  • At your workplace
  • Immediately prior to the start of any work
  • Not only after all standard precautionary measures have been taken
  • But also when there is a change in working conditions
  • For routine activities

However, there may be situations in which you are nevertheless confronted with dangers that were overlooked while making the necessary preparations. Sometimes these hazards are only evident at the workplace or in the immediate surroundings. You then need to call on your own knowledge, experience and skill.

If necessary, ask for help to ensure you can do your work safely.

Naturally, your supervisor must set a good example by properly carrying out the LMRA him/herself.

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