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 >  Order and Tidiness
Discussion > Discuss this with your colleagues!


One of your colleagues regularly leaves his tools and materials lying around and after work often does not put them away. The foreman draws his attention to this from time to time, but he doesn't seem to care. What do you do?

  • Discuss it with the colleague;
  • Do nothing; after all, these things do not belong to you;
  • Put away his things and the materials used. You consider a clean and safe workplace important;
  • Report it to the foreman;
  • Mention this during a meeting attended by everyone.

A single glance at a workplace will tell you everything there is to know about the attitude towards safety at a project. Staff that is serious about safety will keep the workplace clean and tidy. They do this because they know this is a tried and true method of preventing accidents.

The objective of this Toolbox meeting is to achieve tidy workplaces. This ensures that:

  • 90% of accidents and near misses and/or unsafe situations can be avoided;
  • General safety increases;
  • Employee morale increases;
  • Emergency services can do their work better/faster in case of emergencies;
  • People can work in an enjoyable and well-organized environment, which in turn leads to a better end result;
  • Unnecessary damage to material and equipment can be avoided.

Tidying up the workplace initially takes a lot of time, but ultimately pays off in terms of increased productivity and a reduction in the number of accidents.

Risks > What can happen?

An untidy workplace produces the following risks:

  • Slipping;
  • Bumping;
  • Tripping;
  • Falling;
  • Stepping on nails;
  • Loss of tools;
  • Getting snagged.