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Discussion > Discuss this with your colleagues!
  • I think it’s nonsense that I am not allowed to smoke at a construction site.
  • I address someone who is smoking where this is not permitted.

Smoking or secondary smoke is harmful to one’s health. Secondary smoke at the workplace is a frequent occurrence because smokers and non-smokers are together there for long periods of time almost every day. The Dutch Tobacco Act entered into force in 2002 and stipulates that every employee is entitled to a smoke-free workplace. In 2004, this law went into effect and was incorporated into the Working Conditions Act. The law was further amended in 2022, to prohibit companies from any longer having enclosed smoking rooms.

This toolbox deals with Heijmans smoking policy.

Risks > What can happen?
  • Smoking is harmful to the smoker's health and that of the people in his/her environment. The following effects can develop as a result of smoking:
    • Lung cancer
    • Chronic lung disease
    • Eye disorders
    • Diabetes
    • Rheumatism
    • Cardiovascular disease
  • In addition, there is an added risk of fire
Measures > What you must do

Heijmans’s smoking policy includes the following stipulations:

  • Common areas: smoking is prohibited in all common areas, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, hallways, toilets, lifts, site huts, worker’s canteens/trailers and washrooms.
  • Canteens: a total smoking ban applies in all canteens and worker’s sheds
  • Meetings: a total smoking ban applies during meetings
  • Workrooms: a general smoking ban applies in all workrooms
  • Passenger cars, company cars, trucks, construction machine cabins: smoking is prohibited in all of these vehicles, even when only the driver/operator is present without any other occupants
  • Showrooms: smoking is also prohibited in all Heijmans showrooms and this therefore also applies to clients
  • Construction site: Smoking is also prohibited at Heijmans construction works. There are designated areas at construction sites where smoking is permitted.
  • The same conditions that apply to ordinary (tobacco) cigarettes also apply to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), since these, too, are an addictive product that contains highly toxic substances.

To accommodate ‘smoking’ employees, shelters and/or ashtrays can be installed nearby Heijmans offices and open Heijmans terrains, such as equipment yards. However, this depends on the available space.

This is therefore left up to the person with final responsibility at each location.

source: HRM Manual July 2023, page 111

Tips > For more information
  • Clearly indicate where smoking is and is not permitted.
  • Clearly indicate where smoking is and is not permitted in project information materials.
  • Point out the risks and disadvantages of smoking to one another.

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