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 >  Safely working after the holidays

Time again for safety

The construction industry holiday has past. Together we will be getting back at it. Before you start working again, however, take some time out for safety first.

Discussion > Discuss this with each other
  • How is everyone doing?
  • What do you do after a period of rest to get back into a proper (working) rhythm?
  • How do you work together to ensure there is a focus on safety?
Risks > What can happen?

Getting back into the swing of things, a changed workplace, a work site that was left deserted or where work proceeded at a slow pace. All these are factors that can affect safety after the holidays.

The GO! compass states: we are aware of the risks. This is why you should discuss the following together:

  • What stands out after the holidays? What risks do we perceive on our project? Has something changed?
  • What measures can we take in response?
  • What weather and other conditions are we faced with and what can we do about this?

Measures > What you can do

Tips where we should be especially alert:

  • Quickly return to your normal sleeping/working rhythm
  • Ask one another how things are going and inquire about someone’s well-being
  • Check the construction site together and discuss things that stand out; this way you keep each other alert
  • Be alert to traffic and the traffic situation
  • Flush out the water lines and check electric tools and materials
  • Check to see if there are any changes to the Alarm Card
  • Take the weather into account and whether any measures are required

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