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 >  Construction site power
Discussion > Discuss this with your colleagues!
  • I relocate electrical distribution boxes at my construction site or add an extra box.
  • I often replace the plug of a sawing machine and reel myself.
  • I do not fully unwind my reel when this is not necessary.

Electrical power is the energy source for light, motion, heat and signals.

Risks > What can happen?
  • Electrocution
  • Burns
  • Fire hazard
  • Explosion hazard
  • Most of the hazards are created by:

  • Installing, adjusting or expanding the installation by users;
  • No or insufficient knowledge on the part of users;
  • Making use of faulty, non-inspected or the wrong materials;
  • The improper installation of electrical installations.
  • The characteristics of the power supply are determined by many factors, such as:

  • Current intensity;
  • Type of current (direct/alternating current);
  • Environmental conditions (climate) in which the work is performed (water, moisture, temperature, etc);
  • Cables lying on walking and driving pathways, without protection, in water, etc;
  • Other construction site factors and facilities;
  • Cable rolled up on reels, which operate as coils and ultimately burn right through.
  • Things you are NOT permitted to do as an employee or foreman:

  • Relocate the main distribution box yourself; this is the responsibility of HMB;
  • Remove the earthing pin from the ground and/or replace it;
  • Endlessly daisy chain electrical distribution boxes;
  • Replace parts;
  • Taper cables;
  • Lay cables on walking or driving pathways; this will cause them to become damaged;
  • Place distribution boxes or cables in water.
Power cables in water
Broken electrical hand-operated tool
Power supply cabinet not in order

You may NOT relocate this distribution box, with a cable coming up out of the ground!

Measures > What you must/are permitted to do
  • Engage the HMB person responsible for the installation when the electrical installation is to be adjusted or relocated;
  • In case of malfunctions or a failure of the electrical installation, always contact the HMB service department and if possible, visually check to see if you can determine the possible cause;
  • Add a single distribution box through means of daisy chaining;
  • Always fully unroll reels and/or cables;
  • The foreman has a copy of the drawing of the construction site’s electrical system provided to him/her by the HMB person responsible for the installation;
  • Keep the electrical installation clean, do not carry out any machining or wet, spattering activities immediately adjacent to a distribution box and do not use it as a workbench;
  • Only make use of inspected electrical tools;
  • Visually check electrical tools and the electrical installation for possible visible defects prior to use.