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Discussion > Talk with your colleagues about it!
  • I always read the manual before assembling a mobile scaffold.
  • I am aware of the new regulations as per 1 January 2018

During this toolbox meeting we will discuss how to assemble and work on a mobile scaffold in a safe manner.

Still, things go wrong too often! Annual number of reports at ISZW (Inspectorate of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment)

  • Severe accidents
  • Permanent injury
  • Fatalities
Risks > What can happen?
  1. The mobile scaffold can topple;
  2. Falling from a height;
  3. Falling objects.
Measures > What must you do?

Assembling and disassembling the mobile scaffold:

  • Read the manual before assembling the mobile scaffold;
  • Note the maximum mounting height and work load;
  • Do not swap components of a mobile scaffold with parts of other scaffolds. 

Main amendment mandatory as per 1 January 2018

When assembling and disassembling a mobile scaffold, a sound rail needs to be in place. What can you do on the job? One rail element replaces the diagonal and horizontal braces. It is placed at a height before the work floor is installed. This way, it is always safe to enter the work platform (see film below).

Using a mobile scaffold

  • Place the mobile scaffold on a flat and sound floor;
  • Only use well-maintained mobile scaffolds;
  • Lock all wheel brakes!
  • Only climb the scaffold from the inside;
  • Limit yourself to small quantities of light materials and tools on the scaffold;
  • Risk of a collision: cordon off the area around the mobile scaffold;
  • The maximum height of an indoor mobile scaffold work platform is 12 metres;
  • The maximum height an outdoor mobile scaffold work platform is 8 metres;
  • Greater heights are only allowed upon receiving approval of the supplier and after following up his instructions;
  • The user instructions state when side stabilizers must be used;
  • If work is being carried out at a platform height that starts at 2.5 metres, side stabilizers must be used at all times;
  • When driving a scaffold, people or loose materials are not allowed on the work platform; 
  • Using benches, steps and such to elevate the work platform is not allowed;
  • At the end of a work day, never leave the mobile scaffold unattended. Secure the scaffold against collapsing and ensure there is a safety system in place for climbing.  
Tips > For more information

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