05 Steigers, hoogwerkers en klimvoorzieningen
 >  Working at height
Discussion > Talk with your colleagues about it!
  • I never take unacceptable risks when working at height.
  • I always conduct the LMRA when working at height.

About half of all fatal accidents in the construction industry are the result of falling from height. Unsafe floor openings, wall openings, scaffolds and such play a significant part in this. To prevent accidents, it is important to put up reliable safeguards.  

Risks > What can happen?
  • Falling from height
  • Falling through an opening / cut outs
  • Falling objects
What is wrong in this picture?
Wall opening properly closed off
Measures > What must you do?

Tackle at the source:

  • Look into the problem as early as in the design phase. Take preventive measures;
  • Arrange for a guardrail to be attached to the prefab in advance;
  • Where possible, have cut outs be made in the factory (no more need for chopping and drilling at height);
  • Place guardrails (on i.e. wide slab floors) before these are lifted up to a certain height;
  • Close off cut outs.

Collective measures:

  • Place a railing (edge protection, fencing, etc.);
  • Use a (suspended) scaffold;
  • Place a platform or work floor;
  • Use a mobile elevating work platform;
  • Put up safety nets.

Personal measures:

  • Apply task rotation.

Personal protective equipment:

  • Wear the right personal fall protection gear (belt harness + lifeline) see (Dutch) toolboxes “Harnasgordel” and “''Hoe red je iemand na een val uit zijn veiligheidsharnas''