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Discussion > Talk with your colleagues about it!

Take a look at figures 3, 4 and 5 and answer the questions.


During this Toolbox meeting we will focus on right angle grinders and grinding discs.

The following types of discs are often used at Heijmans: 

  • Cutting discs
  • Deburring discs
  • Construction discs
Risks > What can happen?
  • Flying particles from the workpiece and/or the grinding disc;
  • Splatter from the disc as a result of aging;
  • Coming into contact with the grinding disc;
  • Breakup of the grinding disc;
  • Fire due to the ignition of combustible materials;
  • Risk of hearing damage.
Measures > What you must do


  • Machine

  • Always use the protective cover (this is mandatory);
  • Always consult the grinder’s user manual;
  • Check the grinder’s as well as the machine’s RPM prior to use. The grinder’s RPM may never be greater than the RPM shown on the grinding disc;
  • Ensure that the workpiece is clamped securely;
  • Never put the grinder away while the disc is still turning;
  • Always use a right angle grinder with brake;
  • Avoid making use of a right angle grinder with a switch lock feature (when this feature is in the lock position, the disc continues to turn);
  • Never grind in the proximity of combustible materials;
  • Always remove the plug when switching discs.
  • Grinding discs

  • Use the right grinding discs.
  • Do not use any discs whose expiry date has past (see example in Figure 2). The disc becomes softer over time, which increases the chance that pieces will fly off the disc.
  • Ensure that discs are stored (in the warehouse as well as in the vehicle) in accordance with the FIFO principle (First in - First out). This way older discs are always used first.
  • Note: This applies to all synthetic resin-bonded deburring and cutting discs, and therefore to stone and concrete grinding discs and fixed bench-mounted machines as well. Do not use any discs whose expiry date has past. Cutting discs and burring discs have a use-by date. 

    If the grinding disc contains the expiry date V04 2021 (04 = month of April), this means that the disc may only be used until April 2021. V01 = quarterly month January, V04 = April, V07 = July and V10 October.

    Use the following personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Wear tightly fitting safety glasses;
  • Wear a full face mask;
  • Wear hearing protection;
  • Use breathing protection, in case harmful substances and vapours are released;
  • Preferably wear suitable gloves (the right angle grinder is equipped with a protective cover);
  • Wear fire-retardant clothing;
  • During storage, ensure that the grinding discs are not damaged (to prevent the grinding discs from breaking up during use);
  • Take note of the pictograms on the disc to establish how to handle the discs (e.g. difference between burring and cutting).
1. Working with a right angle grinder
2.The grinding disc may be used until April 2021