08 Gezondheids- en werkplekaspecten
 >  Physical loading (lifting)
Discussion > Talk with your colleagues about it!
  1. I always ask a colleague for help if I need to lift heavy materials.
  2. There is still a lot that can be improved in the design and preparation phase to prevent heavy lifting in the execution phase.

Construction often involves doing heavy work. It still happens too often that workers have to lift, carry, push or pull too many and (too) heavy materials. Physical overloading due to heavy lifting and carrying results in physical complaints and disorders (of the neck, shoulders, arms and back). Almost half of absenteeism in construction is a result of these complaints.

Risks > What can happen?


  • Lifting;
  • Bending;
  • Pulling; or
  • Pushing the wrong way

you might incur an injury.

Measures > What must you do?

Measures against overloading:

In the design phase:

  • When you are designing a building, think of ways to prevent heaving lifting;
  • Ensure the work is prepared well and the planning is solid in order to prevent unnecessary transporting and lifting;
  • Choose light materials for the design.

During execution:

  • Try to avoid manual lifting as much as possible;
  • Do not bend and lift unnecessary. Use lifting aids;
  • Do not lift loads that are too heavy. Ask colleagues for help when lifting heavy and large objects;
  • Keep the load as close to your body as possible;
  • Prevent having to reach too far;
  • Do not put heavy materials and tools on the ground, but at working level (if possible);
  • Do not lift with a twisted back. Stand directly in front of the load and let your feet do the turning;
  • Lift calmly and you keep your back as straight as possible;
  • Use vertical transport equipment to transport building materials;
  • Use horizontal transport equipment to move building materials;
  • Use mechanical equipment;
  • Alternate between heavy and lighter work;

Next to lifting, there are other physically demanding aspects:

  • An unhealthy working posture;
  • Heavy pushing and pulling;
  • Vibrations and shocks;
  • Coldness and humidity;
  • Doing repetitive work for a long period of time.

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