08 Gezondheids- en werkplekaspecten
 >  Storm and wind
Discussion > Discuss this with your colleagues!

I do not wait for a signal from my supervisor to stop working in the event of a severe storm.

I discuss current weather reports with my colleagues.


In the Netherlands, we often have strong winds, particularly in the autumn and winter seasons.

Risks > What can happen?
  • Flyaway objects or materials
  • Shifting, flyaway scaffolding planks/floor plates
  • Toppling or rolling objects
  • Inability to control a load during crane operations
  • Toppling of the crane; increased danger of working at heights
  • Collapse of inadequately anchored or braced scaffolding
  • Undermining of scaffolding, construction and/or passenger and freight hoists, stairwells, etc
  • Trucks running off the road that end up in the work area
Measures > What you must do

The table/matrix below identifies the measures you must take. This table is a guideline. Always check out your own location to determine whether you need to take action sooner!

  • The operator is responsible for the safe operation of the machine and the safety of the people working in the vicinity.
  • The foreman is responsible for safety on the construction site. This incudes things such as:
  • Organizing timely consultation to take the right decision.
  • Tidying up and securing the construction site.
  • Everyone is obliged to monitor current weather forecasts and to take the measures outlined below.

All Heijmans pile driving and foundation machines are equipped with a wind meter. Use this information when taking decisions...