08 Gezondheids- en werkplekaspecten
 >  Working in the summer
Discussion > Talk with your colleagues about it!
  1. I use sunscreen when I am working in the sun.
  2. I wear PPE that provide protection against heat and bright sunlight.

Now the temperature often exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, we see building site workers wearing sunglasses and sleeveless shirts. But what about protection against the sun’s harmful UV radiation? There are many different skin types. One can cope better with the sun than the other. Still, regardless of your skin type, you are advised to apply sunscreen when you are working in bright sunlight.

Risks > What can happen?

Sun burn

  • Skin burn and as a result an elevated risk of skin cancer
  • Skin disorders such as itching and a rash with blisters


  • When working in heat, there will be a loss of concentration and thus an increase in the likelihood of accidents.
  • Heat cramps: muscle cramps that are caused by the loss of too much salt when you are sweating. 
  • Heat exhaustion due to dehydration: when you do not drink enough to make up for fluid loss as a result of sweating.
  • Heat syncope: when there is insufficient blood flow to the brain. This causes headaches, nausea and often also diarrhoea and ultimately fainting.
  • Heat stroke: red and dry skin, cramps, seizures and loss of consciousness.

UV radiation

  • Risk of skin cancer

Measures > What must you do?
  • Make arrangements with the site manager regarding breaks and work hours, take a break more often
  • Drink enough water or even sport drinks in view of dehydration
  • Make arrangements on adjusting the amount of work in case of extreme heat
  • The sun’s rays are the strongest between 12:00 and 15:00. Try to prevent exposure as much as possible during these hours  

  • Use personal protective equipment, such as:
    • a neck flap
    • a sweat band for your helmet
    • safety eyewear with dark glasses

Please contact your line manager in case you need to order these PPE

  • If needed, put up a tarpaulin or other type of protection
  • Bring sunscreen to work and apply it regularly